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Now our popular Trail Trekkers summer programs for preschoolers are offered all year long, and best of all, they are free through the school year! Preschool Trail Trekkers takes children and their parents on learning adventures with experienced naturalists. Hands-on activities, games, crafts, stories and songs make learning about nature interactive and fun. Note: This program is NOT intended for daycare or childcare groups! These groups should inquire about scheduling private preschool programming. Thank you!

If you are looking for Trail Trekkers Summer Camps, visit our Summer Camps page.

Spider Safari

Why are there so many spider webs outside in the fall? How are spiders different from other bugs? Learn about this and more as we study these wonderful eight-legged creatures. Discover fun facts about spiders and go on a spider “hunt.”

Bat Business

Discover the many good things bats do for our environment. Where do they live? What do they eat? How do these flying mammals hunt? Listen to a story and play a bat game. Spend time outside to see if we can hear bats!

Fall Harvest, Winter Rest

Plants and animals prepare for winter in various ways. Hibernation, Migration, and Adaptation are the words of the day as we explore what different creatures do! We’ll play animal games to see how well you can hibernate, and we’ll talk about what animals do to get ready for winter.

Treats for the Animals

Not all animals have it as easy as we do in a cold, snowy winter. Let’s make them a variety of snacks to help them out. We’ll read a story or two and talk about how animals survive, find food, and even find friends out in the snow. To end, we’ll head outside to see how many of our animal friends have been out and about, and look for great places to leave our treats.

Winter Water Wonders

Investigate the wonders of water—snow and ice—in the winter. How does snow actually help plants and animals? Make sure to dress for the weather as we plan to spend time outside enjoying this beautiful season.

Cats and Dogs of the Wild

Do you have a pet cat or dog? Come learn about their ”wild” cousins. Find out what bobcats and coyotes have in common with your pets and each other. Explore the Nature Center like your wild friends!

Maple Syruping

This unique, fun pioneer activity can only be experienced in late winter. Listen to a Native American legend, tap a tree, learn how we gather and boil maple sap, and visit the Maple Sugar House to see how sap is turned into syrup. The hour ends with a taste of our real maple syrup on ice cream!

Rabbits and Rodents

Find out interesting facts about these backyard creatures and what helps them survive in the wild. What makes their teeth so special? Act out the many ways a squirrel can use its tail.

Sounds of Spring

An exuberant frog chorus welcomes the arrival of spring. Come learn about the frog life cycle and what’s so special about frogs, sing frog songs, and go on a frog-watching hike.