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Girl Scout Workshops

Maple Syruping Program

Maple Syruping | March 2016

Participants learn about the lore and history of this unique North American heritage activity, and explore the Native American, colonial and pioneer history of ‘sugaring.’  The teacher-naturalist shares that maple syrup is the first agricultural crop harvested in Iowa each year. The physiology and identification of maple trees is reviewed. Then participants visit the sugar bush (woods where the maple trees grow) and use tools (bit & brace, hammer, spile and collection bucket) to tap a maple tree. Groups then tour the sugarhouse to learn how sap is boiled to create maple syrup. Each participant enjoys a sample of the maple syrup made at Indian Creek Nature Center on a small ice cream cone.

Participants are eligible for a patch.

Daisies Workshop

Nature’s Art | October 1

Explore art in nature! Colors, shapes and textures are vibrant in the world around you. Spend time creating artwork from natural materials. Consider the sources and original locations of these materials. We will lead you on part of the Between Earth and Sky Journey.

Brownies Workshops

Bug Club | October 1

Insects are everywhere and an important part of our world. Become an amateur entomologist and learn all about bugs. Observe bugs in nature and learn the usefulness of many insects. Craft a home for pollinators for your backyard. Capture bugs in our prairie and learn about their role in nature. This completes most of the Bug badge.

Trekking Trails | November 5

Explore the Nature Center’s trails with an expert hiker to learn to read a map, interpret trail signs, leave no trace and learn what to take on a hike. Make your own snack and enjoy a day in nature! This completes most of the Hiker badge.

Nature Sense | December 10

Your senses come alive in nature! Come participate in an exciting nature scavenger hunt, listen to nature sounds, sniff out some interesting smells, and feel the different textures found around the Nature Center. We’ll have a snack to explore our taste buds. This workshop will complete the Senses badge.

LOVE Water | February 11

“Become” a droplet of water circling around in Earth’s water cycle. Explore a watershed and learn how it works! Create a rainbow and special art using water colors. You will discover that water is our most valuable resource as you explore innovative ways to save and protect it. Visit a bioswale, discover and experiment with cement that soaks up rain and find out what a rain garden is. We will lead you on part of the Wonders of Water Journey.

Juniors Workshops

X Marks the Spot | October 29

Come to a geocaching event to learn how the Global Positioning System (GPS) works. Learn to enter waypoints in a GPS receiver and find a geocache! Bring a trade item to leave in the cache. Bring your own GPS unit or borrow one of the Nature Center’s units. We’ll visit a geocache website. This completes most of the Geocache badge. Limited to 25 girls.

Be Energy Stars | February 20

Energy is an important part of everything from the lights in your room to the food you eat. Explore energy at the Nature Center and determine your ecological footprint. Learn about using solar energy to create electricity. Build a sun oven and cook. Discover the things the Nature Center has done to turn an old barn into an energy-efficient environmental center. We will lead you on part of the Get Moving! Journey.

Animal Adventure | February 18

Who lives in your wild backyard?  Discover several animal habitats at the Nature Center. Explore animal homes and create your own bird feeder to help the birds. Investigate endangered habitats: the arctic, prairie, and rainforest. How can we help protect them?  Discover who lives in your own backyard habitat. This completes most of the Animal Habitats badge.

Cadettes Workshop

Tree Investigation | September 30

Trees are far more beneficial to us than we realize. We can’t live
without them, but how do they work? What kind of tree is behind your house? Come learn about trees and do a fun leaf craft. Find out about how we – and other animals – depend on trees, and how they depend on us. We will complete all but #5 of the Trees badge.